Transform Your Customer Support Experience

The Ultimate Ticketing System Tailored to Elevate Your Support Operations. Easy Integration. Full Branding Control.

More than Just a Support Ticketing System

Our support ticketing system isn’t just about resolving customer queries – it’s about enhancing customer relationships. With GoCSM, you can:

Match Your Brand

Personalize and white-label your ticketing system, including a mobile app, to reflect your unique brand identity. Your logo, your colors, your style.

Streamline Operations

Harness the full power of world-class support feature set, from multi-channel support to smart automations, analytics and more, all seamlessly integrated into GoCSM.

GHL Integration

Enjoy a hassle-free integration with GoHighLevel SaaS, bridging the gap between your support and other operations.

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Embrace the Next Level of Customer Support

Are you tired of using generic support ticketing software that can’t adapt to your unique business needs? Your journey to a seamless, customizable and branded customer service experience starts here, with GoCSM.

We understand how challenging it can be to manage customer queries efficiently and keep your brand consistent across all platforms. Traditional support systems often offer limited customization and difficult integrations, leaving your customer support looking and feeling disjointed.

At GoCSM, we believe in giving you the power to shape your customer support experience. We’ve designed a robust, white-label support ticketing solution that seamlessly integrates with GoHighLevel SaaS, empowering you to offer a branded, cohesive, and superior customer service journey.

Transitioning to GoCSM is as easy as 1-2-3

Switching your support ticketing system to GoCSM is as simple as counting to three. Begin by connecting with our dedicated team, customize your ticketing system using our user-friendly design tools to match your unique brand identity, and finally, launch your branded system swiftly. Transitioning to a superior, branded customer service experience has never been this effortless.

1. Connect

Reach out to our team. We'll understand your unique requirements and guide you through the integration process.

2. Customize

Use our intuitive design tools to white-label your support system, creating a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

3. Launch

Hit the ground running. Train your team with our comprehensive tutorials, and start delivering outstanding customer service.

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Go CSM Pricing

Don’t let your customer service be just another support system. Make it yours with GoCSM. Get started today!

A Fully White-Labeled Ticketing System for Individuals and Small Teams Ready to Uplift Customer Service.

$10 /user/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate GoCSM through a web-conference at your convenience. The demo is a one hour session. To schedule your personal session, please contact
Jump right in and create your GoCSM account today, to activate a 15-day free trial for whichever plan you want to take for a spin. Customize, configure and explore all the powerful features of GoCSM without ever providing a credit card.
We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. We also accept payments via bank transfer or check transfer for yearly subscriptions.
We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7/365 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.
For customers of our paid plans, you automatically have access to our Classic support. You also have the option to opt-in for one of our paid support plans that promises faster responses, round the clock support, dedicated on-boarding and more.
After your trial expires you will need to purchase a monthly/yearly subscription. Your trial account will become your permanent account with all of your data and customization remaining snugly intact.

Take control of your customer support experience with GoCSM – the ultimate, fully customizable, and integrated support ticketing system.

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