GoCSM Requires HighLevel SaaS Pro Account

Upgrade your HighLevel to SaaS Pro and get a discount on your GoCSM

Receive $150 Credit on your GoCSM Subscription for 3-Months when you Upgrade to SaaS Pro with GoCSM

Elevate Your GHL Agency with SaaS Pro & GoCSM Integration!

Upgrading to SaaS Pro goes beyond the basics of enabling GoCSM integration; it’s a strategic decision that drives your agency toward unmatched success and encourages innovation.

This important upgrade improves your operations and services, and sets you apart in the competitive market. Choosing SaaS Pro means investing in your agency’s future, making sure you’re ready for growth and new opportunities.

Get a $100 Discount on your GoCSM Subscription for 3-Months if you Upgrade to SaaS Pro with GoCSM

GHL SaaS Pro Features
All the features of the Unlimited plan plus the following:
  • HighLevel offers a white-label option, allowing businesses to fully customize and brand the platform with their identity.
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  • GoHighLevel branding elements with personalized logos, colors, and branding, presenting the platform as a unique product.
  • Businesses can set their pricing and billing structures independently, providing flexibility for comprehensive service packages.
  • Empowers agencies to resell the software while retaining 100% of the profit.

Businesses can offer both services and software to clients, operating as a hybrid service and software company simultaneously.

  • Access powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities.
  • Facilitates the automation of conversation moderation, engaging in both spoken and written language formats.

Enhances the communication experience, streamlining conversation management within the platform.

  •  SaaS dashboard, non-payment lock-out, automatic sub-account generation, and SaaS snapshot.
  • Export an entire account to another HighLevel account using the SaaS snapshot.
  • Automatic Twilio rebilling and more.

Get a $100 Discount on your GoCSM Subscription for 3-Months if you Upgrade to SaaS Pro with GoCSM

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