HighLevel's 007 Agent: Ready to Track Your Customers

GoCSM is built by HighLevel enthusiasts, just like you. We understand the challenges agencies face in keeping clients happy and preventing churn. That’s why we created a powerful customer success platform designed to integrate with HighLevel.

Smart Automations for Product Adoption

Monitor time spent by users on specific features and trigger support actions, such as offering help documents or scheduling support sessions, to assist them in achieving their desired outcomes.

Activate Unused Features Now

Ever had customers unaware of features included in their plan? Take control: get alerts, share articles, or schedule demo calls to keep them informed.

Monitor Your SaaS Agency’s Performance

Empower your strategic planning with the GoCSM Dashboard. It's designed to highlight your SaaS agency's most critical data, providing a holistic view of performance indicators across all dimensions of your business.

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